Nowadays, social media platforms are an essential part of our day to day, countless extra functionalities have been added to their original purpose, which are, apart from communication and interaction between individuals, the sharing of information about all nature, both personal and commercial, professional, among others.

The positive side is that as the use of social media has increased, much easier user-friendly designs have been proposed, which, in effect, allow them to navigate more safely and easily through the options that each one offers.

Facebook as social media.

Facebook, for example, an application launched in 2004, which in its beginnings was limited exclusively to Harvard students, gradually spread to other institutions and even high school students until in 2006 and to anyone with at least 13 years could make use of it.

Access to Facebook is possible through a wide range of devices that have an internet connection, that is, phones, computers, laptops, tablets, among others, and once you have a registration on the page you can grant a personalized view to the profile in question.

Facebook allows its users to add others who also make life on that platform as “friends”, exchange messages, make public status updates, share photos, videos and links, as well as use various software applications, which are known as Apps, and in the same way revive notifications of the public activities of other users. Interactions in groups of common interest, hobbies among others are the activities that the application has for the user.

Having at least one platform made up of some 2.7 billion users makes it one of the most popular applications, leading to massive information dissemination activities.

When it comes to marketing.

Marketing can be known both as an activity and as a process of creation, communication, delivery and exchange of offers that have value for consumers, clients or companies in general.

In other words, within what is known as Marketing, a significant number of activities are developed that together work to bring customers the product that compensates for their needs, in every area. From the name of the merchandise to how it is published, how it looks, the colors, the phrases that will make the article look attractive to society, among other factors.

Digital marketing is one of the most used strategies, since a significant number of users have access to the platforms available on the internet, so using it as a tool benefits its operation and projection.

Marketing’s main goal.

It is nothing more than creating and capturing the consumer’s attention on the value of the item. As well as customer loyalty and generating a meaningful relationship with the user so that they continue to request the service when purchasing the merchandise. Once the needs of society are understood and identified, the product is developed around them.

Develop Facebook advertising for Marketing

When a company is developing, its growth and expansion is one of the main goals and implementing all the possible means is important to cover more possibilities of both communication and publication of products, ideas, surveys, among others.

It is incredible the number of companies both large and small that implement Facebook to connect with their customers. Add a benefit since in such a way you can be aware of their interests, needs and scope, such as their location, etc.

All options in one place

Facebook Ads is a platform that makes this social network available for services to create and manage their ads, it has a very pleasant and simple interface, a person who does not have much knowledge of systems or technology can operate it without major problems, but do Effective advertising on Facebook goes beyond knowing how to use the tool, it involves knowing how to create strategic actions aimed at clear objectives.

Tell your story in an interesting way

As for Facebook, its pages and ad formats are designed to capture people’s attention and encourage them to take action in some way, it is a study already carried out. They offer creative flexibility, work across all devices, and are designed to help you achieve your goals.

Once inside, you just have to find the Facebook ad format in which you have projected for your campaign or you can see it materialized. Subsequently, it only remains to find your fans and followers, and let them find you through what you post and present to them.

Create a space for your idea and have it visualized

Facebook Pages help people notice your business. And on the other hand, your page determines the presence of your company on Facebook, in other words, the way in which you are going to present yourself to users, and it is the place where people can meet you and get in touch with you, or your company

Proactivity to connect with customers

Those potential customers who are looking for your services and who will love your business are on the platform right now, and the next thing you need to do to reach them is to put out targeted Facebook ads. Once they see them, the information exchange will begin.

Share information with videos

On Facebook, the number of ads with videos that there are are infinite, both for all companies, and for all budgets and objectives. You just have to discover video formats and types of ads that captivate the public in the ways they like to see them, it is nothing more than knowing that they must be specifically targeted to the tastes of your potential customers. What they want to see and that will make them go for more.

Campaigns on Facebook Ads

Through Facebook, campaigns can be carried out in the following ways:

1. Boost your posts. This works to promote a specific post whether it has been published before or you want to create a new one. These campaigns are generally good for activating and keeping your customers up to date with your content, and increasing your reach. It is even better if you do it with important content.

These types of actions can be of interest to all types of business, especially those that produce valuable content or want to disseminate important, promotional or industry news.

2. Promote your page. With this, the audience of your page is expanded, reaching more “likes”. It is a very efficient way to connect with new customers with the profile you are looking for and to get to know your audience more, know what they expect from the product.

Using lead campaigns is a good idea for all types of businesses, as it is a way to immediately screen ideal consumers for brand awareness. In this step, the key is to segment very well so that the users that arrive are the ones you need.

3. Reach people who are close to you geographically. A good strategy is to geographically match more people close to your business. You just have to indicate the address of your local and the area you want to reach and your ad will be shown to as many people as possible on Facebook who reside in the selected area.

This type of campaign favors more local businesses, that is, those who want to visit them and locate where they are. For example, everything related to aesthetics, health and nutrition businesses, schools, retail stores, businesses and businesses whose main market is the one that is close to their physical location, in such a way that the physical presence would favor them for the acquisition of the product.

  • Enhance brand recognition. Impact the people most likely to pay attention to your ads to increase brand recognition and thereby become interested in inquiring about your merchandise.
  • Captivate people on your website. Attract more people to the website from Facebook. Once they click on the ad you posted, you can send them to any page on your website, including the online store.

Best practices are for companies that have websites developed for conversion, that is, they direct traffic there to capture data. It is the best for Online Stores, Service Companies, Sales, Educational Institutions, among others.

  • Amplify the application installations. Use your app installs to get people to use the app for more personalized and direct contact.
  • Promote your events. Post your events so people can see information about a special event with a Facebook ad. Once they see it, they can participate and even add it to their Facebook calendar.

These campaigns are to promote specific events, especially when it comes to a meeting, party, training for internal communities, such as schools, inaugurations, cultural and artistic events. You can use this for courses or seminars if you integrate it from other campaigns.

  • Más reproducciones de video. Implementa la opción de reproducciones de video para conseguir que las personas vean tu video y de esta forma la información se divulgue más rápido.
  • Build potential customers. Facebook Lead Programs provide people with a fast and secure way to sign up for business information such as newsletters, offers, quotes, and more.

Ideally, use this goal to generate a form that will collect information from individuals, including newsletter sign-ups, price estimates, and follow-up calls.

If your goal is to collect contacts to follow up on sales, these campaigns are the best option. Ideally, include a subscription incentive.

  1. Develop conversions on your website. Use the website conversions option to increase valuable shares on your website so they stay moving.
  1. Extend the interaction with your application. Use the objective of interaction with your application so that more people interact with the application and in this way it develops more and that users always have information at hand and can access it as they wish.
  1. Get people to ask for your offer. Generate special offers to attract the attention of a greater number of consumers. For example, you can offer sales or other rewards. With this option you can even decide how long the offer lasts, who can see it, how many people can request it, etc. As well as promoting a product catalog. Create ads that automatically show products from your catalog according to the audience you want to reach.

They are ideal for businesses or local businesses that offer tangible products with attractive discounts. For service businesses they also work if what is being sold is easy to understand and does not require much explanation.

  1. Promotes a product catalog. Create ads that automatically expose merchandise from your catalog according to the desired audience.
  1. Get people to visit your business. Use the business visits goal to promote multiple locations to people nearby.

Why do they prefer Facebook

All advertisers, new or experienced, can get results with Facebook Ads. They overflowed their predictions by targeting similar audiences on Facebook.

They used Facebook and Instagram dynamic travel ads with broad targeting to reach travelers. They increased their sales thanks to Facebook video ads.

They increased conversion of quality leads thanks to video ads on Facebook and Instagram. They promoted digital payment options through Facebook’s video instream ads. They applied a technical approach to testing Facebook video ads.

When you take all of this into account, you can make a very solid argument that Facebook advertising can be quite productive for you and that is something that can be quite useful for your business in the sense that is going to give you a different kind of exposure while maintaining a helpful and positive relationship with your customers.

After all, we are living in the day and age of social media, where people use these platforms to engage in many different ways and it is very important for businesses, especially the small ones, to take this into consideration because it can make a very positive influence in how said businesses perform and everything that comes with it.

All in all, Facebook advertising might not get as much hype as other digital marketing strategies, but it can be extremely beneficial for you if you know how to play your cards well.

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