Facebook stopped being a simple social channel to chat with our friends or share things we like, such as photos, videos or even document files; nowadays it is a powerful tool for all businesses, regardless of their size, since with Facebook marketing they can reach an ocean of potential customers and also sell directly through that channel. Especially business owners use it as their main source of traffic and sales.

Brand awareness on Facebook is a goal that every single business should strive for because it can make a major difference in said business’s development on the internet and how much they can reach their target audiences.

Using Facebook for business has become something more and more common throughout the years and this is a tendency that is only going to become even more prominent in the foreseeable future, so it’s important that you embrace this platform from the moment that you start implementing digital marketing campaigns for your brand.

Key benefits of Facebook marketing

Facebook Marketing

One of the main questions that you are very likely to ask yourself about Facebook marketing is what the benefits that you’re going to get from them are. This is all well and good and here we’re going to present you the most important benefits that you can get from marketing in this social media platform:

  • A tremendous reach. Facebook has more than 1 billion users and it’s the most used social media platform in the world right now, so it is very important that you have a business page there because the reach is very wide and it can allow you to connect with the target audience in a much more effective manner.
  • It’s all about engagement with Facebook. When it comes for publicity, Facebook advertising is one of the most interesting and useful platforms on the internet because it has many options where people can voice their opinions and connect with you, which involves comment sections, private messaging and a lot more. This is pretty good for small businesses that want to establish a following from the get-go and appeal to a wider demographic.
  • You can program your publications. One of the biggest issues, especially if you are running a small business, is trying to combine your daily life with you managing your Facebook business page, so this is something worth taking into account: you can program your publications to be released when you see them more fit throughout the day, so that can make a helpful element for you when you perhaps don’t have a lot of time to work with your page.
  • Improve in the industry. Are your competitors always one step ahead? With the help of social media monitoring tools, you can track, listen and report on all the social conversations that revolve around you, your competitors or the industry.
  • Smarter growth. Reducing abandonment, limiting spending and increasing acquisition are all premises of a successful business, but Facebook can help you in each of these areas. Whether through advertising investment, increasing segmentation, addressing your marketing strategy on Facebook can help you get closer to these goals since you can reach the most specific audiences as you set them.

Facebook is meant to be a platform all about engagement and these benefits are the prime example of what you can get from that.

Best tips for Facebook marketing

Of course, you also need to know all the best tips, tactics and advice that you can implement to get the best out of your Facebook advertising. In the following section we’re going to explain to you the best tips in that regard:

Create a business page and not a personal profile. This is something that may seem obvious, but many brands make the mistake of opening a personal profile to sell products or offer services. You must be clear that social profiles are created to connect with friends, instead, free pages are the Facebook channel to show your business and add fans. Opening a profile to sell is a strategic error that affects the image of the business. Among the advantages of having a page for your business and not a profile, are:

  • A clear identity helps your business. The number one rule is that your social identity does not mix with that of your business or work activity. You must open a personal profile to connect with friends and a page to show your business, get fans and interact with them. Opening pages or profiles on Facebook is a simple and free process.
  • Pages allow you to add unlimited people. Personal profiles have a limit or cap of 5,000 friends. The pages, however, have no ceiling to add fans, that is, they have an infinite capacity of followers. So with them you can always increase the amount of potential customers.
  • Each format serves a purpose. In the profiles, people publish personal information such as photos of a family birthday or a pet. Only strategic content related to the business is published on the page. Mixing family and work content is sloppy. The user experience will be bad and you run the risk of losing potential customers.
  • The pages offer you valuable and exclusive information. Pages are the specific solution designed by Facebook to show business. They offer you reports with very valuable demographic information to learn more about potential clients (age, location, sex, education, access to technologies, among other options). By knowing more about them, strategic decisions can be made inside and outside the Facebook environment.

Establish your brand. Remember the Nike logo? The Adidas logo? These are symbols that you instantly connect with those brands, so that’s something that you need to do with your own business on its Facebook page: make sure to add the logos, slogans and other symbols that may connect your target audience with your business and what your business is all about.

Share and create valuable content. Content marketing is a powerful tool to generate qualified traffic and leads. To inform without more, it does not add value and does not generate participation in social networks. For this reason, at the time of publishing, you must think as public and share valuable content associated with your brand, but at the same time, they are useful contents that invite reflection, opinion, dialogue and that motivate your fans to share with your friends. Among the different types of valuable content that you can create and share on Facebook are images, videos, stories, texts, graphics, links, audio and music files, among others.

To ensure that your content is useful, practical and that it generates engagement with your fans, it is recommended that your content follow this path: thrill with your headlines, generate entertainment to your audience either by sharing fun content or through publications that produce memories in people and educate with content that answers a specific question and helps your followers solve their problems.

Always be positive, polite and uplifting. You need to understand that you’re going to get negative comments and responses from your audience from time to time don’t fret, that’s a perfectly normal state of affairs. Not everybody is going to like what you offer through Facebook advertising and they will react in a negative and perhaps even offensive manner, but you have to adapt to that by always being positive, friendly and polite, that way maintaining a very healthy and uplifting reputation as a brand.

Use Facebook’s targeting tools. One of the greatest benefits that you’re going to get from this social media platform is the fact that you can adjust the target audience that you want to reach with your publications through multiple elements such as gender, location, language and a lot more, which can have very important and effective ramifications in your digital marketing campaigns as a whole.

Respond to people’s comments. Facebook, and social media in general, is based on engagement and establishing a solid relationship with your target audience in case you’re a business page. In that regard, you need to respond to people’s comments and opinions, always in a gentle and respectful manner, to create interaction and motivate other users and followers to do the same.

Always post with a calendar. Consistency is an art and is something that can come a long way for you when it comes to Facebook advertising plus balancing your own personal life if you’re a small business. You need to stablish when you are going to do publications and try to follow that calendar in a steady manner to get your target audience used to that pace. Sure, there are going to be exceptions, but it’s important to maintain that level of consistency.

Create a Facebook group. Do you want to know your target audience in a much more precise manner? Do you want to engage with them a lot more and make them feel very important to you? Then creating a Facebook group can be quite useful for you because it allows them the possibility to share and create publications related to your brand, plus present debates, complaints and many other elements that may come a long way to improve you as a digital marketer and as a brand.

Link the on / offline of your business page. In order for you to achieve full dissemination of your brand, it is necessary to link, whenever possible, the online and offline part of the company. It is true that each one can be used by itself, but the interrelation in many cases enhances the effectiveness of each one of them.

The most typical mistake of companies on Facebook is to carry two parallel worlds. The first people to whom your actions on Facebook have to go are your real clients and your offline community that already knows you. They are your ambassadors and you have to involve them.

Add a call to action button on your business page. For good marketing on Facebook the social network added the CTA (Call To Action) functionality. These buttons facilitate communication with your future customers and therefore the sale of your products or services online. You can learn how to add them by following the detailed Facebook instructions.

The CTA does not have to be a button on the home page. It could be a link in a post or sidebar. Remember that your CTAs must be relevant and attractive to your fans. The best way to generate organic traffic on Facebook and build a strong brand is to make sure that your content or theme is in harmony with your CTA.

Use Facebook ads to promote your page. The Facebook algorithm prioritizes content from friends and family. This means that not all (or at least most) of your followers will see your posts organically. This is where Facebook ads become useful.

Similar to any other advertising, a Facebook ad is content that you pay to be shared with a specific audience and of interest. Facebook has advertising options designed for different business goals, both outside and inside the network. From brand recognition and interaction to application installations and store visits. It also offers you different degrees of follow-up with easy budgets to adjust, reactivate or stop, as you prefer.

It is recommended that instead of creating a large campaign with a single budget, create several campaigns by dividing the budget. Create ads with different audience segments (ages, interests, gender, among others) and evaluate according to statistics which give you a better result. So you can generate more successful campaigns in relation to the audience you want to reach.

Integrate the sharing of social networks. The use of social media add-ons or the integration of social media share buttons on your website makes it easier for your visitors and customers to share the pages of your site.

Once a person shared your content through Facebook and other social networking sites, your friends can easily see those links on your Facebook profile and news. You can also get a part of them, which will make the process repeatable in the sense that it can also be shared by your friends’ friends, possibly making it viral. This will also help increase your web traffic.

Track and analyze your marketing strategy on Facebook. Last but not least, a successful Facebook marketing strategy must be thoroughly analyzed, for which you must make use of Facebook analysis tools.

You can follow the interaction of your audience with your content through Facebook Insights on your Facebook page. This allows you to measure your likes, reach (how many people saw your posts) and interaction (how many people clicked, liked, shared or commented on). You can also see which of your posts caused some people to stop following your page, which is critical information when it comes to knowing what is not working.

Beyond tracking your success, it is important to make use of information about what works or not in order to make adjustments to your strategy. The data will show you what you should keep doing as well as which tactics you should reform. Through this continuous process of setting goals, measuring results and retouching your strategy, you can improve your performance over time.

How to create a business page for your Facebook?

As mentioned earlier, to deploy your company’s strategy on Facebook, the first thing you should do is create your page on this social network, which is a very simple task and available to almost any user who needs it.

A Facebook page or fanpage is a page with a professional profile created with the purpose of establishing a new direct communication channel with your potential target audience within the social network. Unlike profiles, fanpages are spaces that bring together interested people on a common issue without the need for friendship approval, which is why they are always visible to the public, allowing more clients to be obtained.

Facebook pages play a similar role as if the business had a space on television, newspaper or radio, but with a free option and a much greater reach. They serve companies to disseminate information, promote their products and services, increase branding and engagement with their followers, and attract new customers. In addition, they can also be useful as a customer service channel. Here are the steps to follow to create a Facebook page:

1) Enter your personal profile. Log in or enter your personal profile with your username and password of your choice and select the subdomain to create a Facebook page.

2) Select the type of page to create. Next, you must choose the type of page you want to create, local business or place is often selected, although if the business is well established, that is, if you can provide relevant information easily, such as the website address and the description of the business business, apply the brand or product option.

3) Choose the category and name of your digital business. You must choose between the 36 categories or professional sector to which your business belongs. If you do not feel identified with any of them, you should choose the one that most closely resembles, among those shown. Next, choose the name you want to show to your fan community and click start.

4) Create the username and custom URL for your page. Once you have created your Facebook page for your company you must complete and configure all the most important options, in order to make it more attractive and make it easier for users of this social network to find you. You must indicate the username you want to use for your business fanpage. It is recommended that you choose the name of your online store, Facebook will indicate if it is free or is already being used by another company. Once you edit the username, remember that it will also be part of the URL of your business page.

5) Add all the information related to your business. One of the steps you cannot forget when creating a Facebook page, is the information of your online store. You must choose a profile and cover image for the page that presents your business properly and load it in the spaces enabled for that purpose, and you must offer all possible information such as contact information, location and hours of your business to generate Maximum confidence In addition, within your fanpage you can show all or some of the products that you currently sell in your online store, in order to make them known to the users who visit your page.

6) Invite your friends to be fans of your page and attract followers. Once the Facebook page of your business is ready, it is advisable to make it known first to those people that you have added as friends in your personal profile. These people can corroborate the good management you do in your company by sharing your page among their respective communities of Facebook friends, leaving a five-star opinion or telling their experience in their purchases made in your online store, which will attract more customers. Additionally, to attract followers to the page it is advisable to add social media icons on all pages of an e-commerce store.

There are many things to learn when it comes to Facebook marketing, and it may seem a bit intimidating at first. The good news is that you can start without having to invest a single penny and then you can expand to more complex strategies and paid campaigns as you gain more experience.

Overall, Facebook marketing is one of the most important elements when it comes to digital marketing as a whole because every single individual in this planet is very likely to have a Facebook profile and it’s a very wide source of information and reaches that you can’t avoid. But at the end of the day, it’s all about effort, dedication and putting the work that is required to succeed in every single project.

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