We have noticed that, with the passage of time, staying at the top of the market on your career or the specialization in which you work in has become more difficult and competitive as the days go by.

A person who currently does not know how to sell his or her brand through social media will not have a very promising future. Simple as. And although it does not apply to all cases, unfortunately many of us have had to learn and make our way through social media to get a portfolio of clients and thus ensure our work. The truth is that succeeding is difficult, but it is obviously never impossible. And for architects, for example, it is no exception.

We live in a digital age where the use of social media is essential, and the average architect, who is just starting a career or who has years of experience and wants to attract a higher level of attention regarding the work that they do, with the correct use of social media will allow you to quickly gain great visibility, as well as attract the right and potential customers whom can help you to make the big jump of your career.

The architects interested in promoting their career must have a vision and a mission of how to develop their promotional skills to the maximum, how they want to be seen on social media and what type of public they want to reach, so that way those skills can be coupled to the tools that each respective social media offers us.

According to statistics, in most surveys, the architectural market has very little digital flow in social media, that is why promoting the work of the architect is very important using current technology in the best possible way to present each and every one of the proposals to offer to the potential customers.

The main thing is that, to have a higher level of success with clients, the ideal is to study the market design and strategies beforehand, since this can allow the risk of loss to be reduced in any type of enterprise, than in this case, would be architecture itself.

One of the best strategies to reach the market, although it is a bit outside of a social media, would be to create your own website, dedicated to your brand, the products and services you offer, in a friendly way so that the customer can empathize with the platform and can also have direct access to your contacts to clear up any type of doubt that may arise.

Another alternative could be the creation of an architecture blog where communication with clients can be more dynamic and will allow your words to feel personal or that they are directed specifically to each of your followers. And in case it is not feasible due to the large amount of time that must be devoted to it, you can also opt for the promotion through email doing it as an informative newsletter.

The favorable thing about email is that it would be used as an offer, where you, by yourself, would look for your potential customers, whether they are businesses or potential companies with ideas to open a store. Ideally, just by sending an email, you will undoubtedly position yourself in their minds and whenever they need an architect, your image will always be present.

Another strategy would be to simply use the tools that we have at hand. As easy and accessible as it is to open space among the most common social media today, where practically the 80% of the population is right now. I mean, use social media such as:

  • Facebook,where the highest rankings of users are found and thanks to its endless number of advertisements, the user can be reached in a very simple way, and with a plus thanks to Insight, which is one of its tools that allows a detailed analysis of the public that visits your profile.
  • The same would go for WhatsApp,which, although it is not considered a social media platform in the most common terms, if it is fair and necessary to be able to specify your catalog of designs more privately and talk directly with the potential client.
  • Instagram, where images are most abundant and where you can take advantage of it by just showing one of your finished works, for example.
  • And we cannot forget Twitter, where you can develop conversation or offer promotions or discounts that you can reach through retweets to any part of the world.
  • Youtube is another platform with great impact on society, since according to statistics it promotes more a video than a simple text, helping to position your brand.
  • And last but not least, we have LinkedIn. It is one of the most important if you want to promote your career since it is specifically dedicated to showing yourself to the public as the professional you are. Just by filling out your profile and showing the professionalism with which you have characterized yourself over the years, it is more than enough for you to receive visits. Additional, you can segment the contacts by their professional activity, that actually will help you to find groups of people that work in the same area as you. This platform is ideal for creating a network between professionals and showing yourself to your potential clients.

Ideally, whatever platform you decide to use, it is best to be able to dedicate 100% to the creation of content, that is why you can choose between one or two of the most used and know for sure that you will be able to constantly and correctly reach the population.

It should be noted that, whatever the case, establishing communication with potential customers is very important. The person will always be attracted to the services offered, as long as the person is easily accessible, friendly and polite. As who says, more flies are attracted with honey than with vinegar.

Responding to certain comments or queries will keep the client always studying the possibility of hiring the architect and not only that, if the treatment and work are satisfactory, recommendations to friends and family will always be a common factor in each person.

Likewise, one of the most important advantages for the architect is that through social media you can have a real-time view of the statistics and reactions of your publications. That way you can weigh the possibility of continuing with the same strategies that you were already using or if it is time to change the way you make your publications.

Once you are in social media, you have no choice but to gain followers and keep them loyal to you. With contests or small tips on how to create a certain type of thing, you will always have them visiting your profile pretty often.

The main thing is to know yourself and know your essence. Know what you do and what you plan to do. Adding value to your brand or your profile, as well as adding value to the life of each person that is following you, but as long as with the idea of ​​finding potential clients and not simply followers that make a bulk of an account. Although being honest, many times the number of followers attracts many more followers.

Also an attractive factor is to create a striking logo, so that customers always have your image in mind. With a simple and short name it would be ideal for anyone to find you quickly and easily on social media.

However, not everything is rosy. Keep in mind that once you go out on the market, another competitor will seek to copy what you do. It is the logic of the survivor. They will always try to seek the attention of someone else’s customer by copying what others do.

The architecs who want to emerge, must know the territory in which they plan to move, know the competition and know how to project themself into the future. Because, what is a business without a vision for the future and without originality that differentiates it from others?

For this reason, offering an excellent service that many others do not do, and doing things that other architects do not know how to do, will allow you to position yourself on social media. But remember, you can’t let your guard down. You must continue studying and innovating, looking for the way to be original and to always differentiate yourself from your possible competitors.

The truth is that, today in social media there is much talk about companies that are sustainable and help the environment, and day after day this type of lifestyle gains more followers.

 For the architect, the way in which it is promoted through social media is of great importance, and it would attract more potential clients if construction or ecological design services are offered. Or houses that are powered by solar energy, for example. But always remember to be real to your audience. There is nothing that attracts more than honesty, but always without acting in a contradictory way to the services you offer.

In conclusion, as an architect you must expand your mind and your knowledge, so that you can emerge through social media and promote your work in the best possible way. Use what the present offers you and get the best out of it.

So, don’t be afraid of success.

Published On: September 21st, 2021 / Categories: Service Scenarios /

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