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It is no secret to anyone that we currently live in a world where competition in the market is very big and we need to do our absolute best to run our business. This is why as time passes by companies are forced to move all possible pieces to reach their desired audience.

One of the best ways to catapult a business or promote products or services is through social media since it is a world where each and everyone in the population are connected to each other and is a lot safer that information reaches the receiver correctly.

An example of this could be Instagram or even Facebook itself, where the direct purchase option by tags is enabled. However, to manage a company through a social media you must go even further than using only these apps.

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But before we mention which are the best services to manage social media, I would like you to take into account that for your company to have a promising future you must:

  • Know the essence of the business and the message you want to communicate to the client.

  • Be committed to both the company and the public, since in addition to the communication you have with customers, you must also take into account every detail of your company, both the product and the service offered.

  • Generate eye-catching content or create events that attract attention and attract the right audience.

  • As well as establishing content calendars to keep everything organized and keep a guide of what you will publish from time to time.

So, taking this into account, we can mention below some of the best social media management services.

HubSpot Logo


Hubspot was created as a type of software that would be intended to take care of general marketing, but over time it was developed in a better and more complete way and the creators included new sales extensions and functions that would be dedicated to commercial teams. It should be noted that it recently includes services such as inbound services.

The incredible thing about this tool is that it allows you to program the publications you want and at the same time be able to analyze and monitor the impact that this publication causes, so that, in this way, you can know exactly if the strategy you are using is working correctly through data that the same tool provides you.


This application is part of the Twitter platform and its purpose is to facilitate the management and control of several accounts of different users at the same time, allowing a correct monitoring of it without even thinking about leaving any of them.

With this app you can:

  • Schedule tweets and publications in the different accounts

  • Monitor and create analysis of the impact caused by the account.

  • Obtain metric measurements of the hashtags of the moment or created, as well as of the followers and the interactions that have been made in all the accounts that are managed.

  • Without leaving out common options such as messaging and mentions.

Hootsuite Logo


When it comes to famous programs or apps, Hootsuite is the favorite among Community Managers.

One of the best functions that Hootsuite has is that you can manage several accounts at the same time, but highlighting that they can be from different platforms as well, that is, in the same control panel you can manage Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts at the same time without any problems.

It should be noted that it is a program that has a simple interface, where it will be friendly to anyone who uses it and will be able to adapt easily. You can also schedule posts or upload photos, as well as monitor reactions or comments quickly and effectively. In the same way, you can carry out any type of activity that is related to online communication or digital marketing.


The tool that we all wish we could have is Buffer. In addition to allowing you to manage several accounts of all types of platforms you use, it also allows you to schedule publications through calendars, facilitating and shortening the time you have to spend on it. As well as, you can customize each of the post to the desired way.

Buffer also amazes us with the possibility of detecting the best or most appropriate hours to make a certain type of publication in each of the social networks that you manage and taking care of doing it correctly at the specific time.

Added to this is the fact that it also studies and tracks the links to know exactly which publication was the one that generated the most reaction.

Buffer is a free tool, easy to use, allowing quick adaptation of the user, and it can be used on the phone, allowing flexibility to the user.



If you ask an expert, they will tell you that Agora Pulse is one of the best tools to analyze each social network administration.

You can study and generate fairly complete statistics and among the best categories we have:

  • The perfect time and day to post according to each type of follower you have.

  • The best result that has been obtained depending on the published content.

  • Measure the dissemination of the information on your profile as well as the virality that you have obtained in your publications.

In addition to this, Agora also allows us to manage several accounts, analyze the competition to generate better content, as well as monitor messaging, allowing communication with your followers to be much more streamlined and faster.

It should be noted that it will also allow us to better capture the public through tools where you can carry out raffles for the products or services you offer, as well as contests or related activities.

This is a tool in which one of its characteristics is social listening, which allows you to identify the target audience in the company, understanding the topics or what is said about your company, brand or products, facilitating the participation and relationship when responding effectively and efficiently to your customers’ comments.

Like many other tools, also has the ability to create a publication calendar making the experience on the platforms to be used easier and more bearable, as well as being able to interact with the client through messaging without losing out of sight no news.

Did you know that in addition, can be integrated with HubSpot allowing easy data synchronization and allowing a better propagation of the information with which you want to make yourself known and create a personalized and specific audience through marketing campaigns?



One of the main motivations for looking for a social media tool is that they can offer us everything in one, and Nuvi is one of them.

Thanks to Nuvi we can have administration procedures for social listening, publications, messaging, participation in general, etc. One of the favorable points is that it allows to determine a type of workflow where each of the posts or publications that are going to be made in the feet, is monitored and reviewed correctly so that there is no type of error at thetime to be published.

It also fulfills planning functions, performance study and monitors the competition to suggest changes or better strategies that fit the desired audience. Ideally, you can guarantee the customer a flattering experience as well as an unbeatable treatment without missing any type of action carried out with your followers.


If your business or company is classified in the provision of services to the public such as hotels, restaurants or bars, this platform is for you.

The most notorious advantage of Postling is that in addition to managing several accounts on its platform of different social media, you can also add those that are not so common but that are more related to this type of business, such as Tripadvisor or Yelp.

It is easy to use because they can be separated by tabs and it speeds up the publication process, allowing you to monitor the results and create analysis in real time simultaneously of all the accounts that are related to it and totally free.

This type of tool has been great for all the new and not so new companies that want to promote their products. Thanks to them, an entire ideology that was had at the start has allowed the course of all business to change and for the better. And not only that, it has also allowed it to be a new goal for those who want to dedicate themselves to the branch of helping others or in fact that the same businessman wants to learn more about it so as not to miss out on anything that the future offers us.

If you need trained people to guide you on this journey, I can recommend Social Insight, they are dedicated, professional people and know how to develop each and every one of the ideas that you present to them. Do not hesitate to contact them. They are the best in their field.


Outsourcing your social media marketing

Nowadays, social media platforms are a useful tool that allows not only showing the growth of a company but they can also work as a digital marketing alternative capable of attracting people’s attention through different platforms.

But managing social media platforms is not an easy task for anyone. Many times we want to personally take charge of managing this activity to show through it the identity of the company from the point of view of the creator, but it is quite difficult to carry it out as our business grows.

This is when we start to think about how to facilitate this task and reduce the workload of managing social media platforms. One of the main solutions to solve this problem is to resort to outsourcing your social media marketing.

Not many people know about outsourcing marketing, so later we will be talking about this great option for you to enter and never leave the social media that can lead your business to success.

Outsourcing marketing is nothing more than hiring a company or person, external to our own business, specialized in designing various marketing strategies that adapt to the concept and objectives of the company, as well as the clients we want to attract, in addition to facilitate not only communication with users but also to offer them the necessary attention so that they are interested in our services.

1. Reduction of workload: The management of social networks is not something that can be limited to a few minutes a day, but requires hours that sometimes we cannot provide for other activities also essential for the company.

2. Ignorance on the subject: Not all of us have the necessary preparation, knowledge or creativity to attract users and successfully promote our page like professionals in the area of digital marketing.

3. Absence of a marketing department: Not all companies, especially those that are just under development, have their own department in charge of marketing activities, including managing social media accounts.

Since social media platform are the fastest contact with users, basically it would be to leave a person or a group of people in charge of completely managing the company’s accounts on different platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, LinkdIn, among other.

These experts specialize not only in making publications related to the services they want to provide as we all think it works, but they also design what users will see on our networks, they study what they want to see from our company, they study thoroughly to the competition for days and even weeks seeking to highlight the positive points of your business to be able to stand out among the great sea of local and regional businesses.

1. Carrying out marketing activities: After having planned the marketing activities that need to be carried out, the external team is in charge of designing the appropriate strategies to achieve the proposed objective, taking into account guidelines that can lead to increased sales, improve reputation and, more importantly, achieve customer loyalty thanks to proper management based on the best understanding of the user.

2. Content marketing: The content to be displayed on the platforms is one of the key points to attract customers, so that specialists can make sure to properly write, design and promote the services they want to provide.

3. Management of the most up-to-date technologies: Because the tools used in marketing are continually evolving and improving, the specialized team, when they are updated, allows us to have the latest technology without really increasing too much the cost.

4. Create a calendar of actions and posts: Even if we don’t believe it, the date, day and time of publication is important to determine when they can have more views. The specialists of the external marketing team are in charge of determining these variables in a way that benefits our business, scheduling at what time and days it is most convenient to publish on our networks.

5. Management of the community in social media: Because social media platforms are the principal main by which today we access or communicate with companies, either to contract a service or acquire an item, no matter what, it should be part of our plan to achieve our goals. Therefore, the marketing staff can help to manage and interact in an animated way our networks, promoting the commitment that is had with the clients and improving the visibility of the company.

1. Saving time: In a growing company, the tasks to be carried out every day are increasing, and sometimes the staff is scarce to carry them out, consecutively decreasing the time available to provide to the social media and users who request us, for what having a staff to carry out only the management of social networks is beneficial to us to take advantage of the time in completing the rest of the activities to be done.

2. It is a profitable deal: By designating the activities to an external staff, the inconvenience of setting a salary for a complete marketing department would be avoided, it would be talking about designing a budget together with the specialists based on a specific marketing plan and the needs it takes.

3. Orientation in social media: Specialized and experienced personnel will study which platform is most suitable for the type of business we have, guiding us in each time it is necessary to make publications, offers, provide creative and eye-catching support.

4. Designs specific strategies for the company: Properly managing the platforms is the main objective. The team evaluates the most searched tags on the internet regarding the subject, the keywords necessary to attract users, improve interaction with them, as well as modify and update the design of our networks based on what we want to express on a daily basis.

5. Regular monitoring of social media: The staff, through different variables, regularly evaluate whether the strategies used are effective for growth. In this way, over time, it is studied what changes, measures and strategies can be used to obtain better results.

6. It has the best specialists: This being the most important thing, since when externalizing the marketing we are not talking about a single person in charge of the work but a complete team of specialists in digital marketing have the precise knowledge to promote a company without lose the essence of it, being an excellent cost-quality ratio, making our effort over time not an investment in vain.

1. Loss of direct contact with customers: By subcontracting to a third one the communication between the creator and the users is largely lost, preventing us from receiving each and every one of the opinions, whether positive or negative from our customers, which they are necessary in any business in order to provide improvements and ensure the trust of users.

2. The agency does not know the company as much as the creator: Referring to the fact that the specialists do not know the company as we do, it is best to make clear certain aspects of the planning to be executed that allow us to reflect the essence of the business in our scial media, such as certain specific characteristics, the type of communication or some strategies you want to carry out.

The idea of incentivizing companies to invest in social media marketing is essential today since their strategies lead to the growth of your business. These networks should always be managed by people who are knowledgeable about the subject, responsible, with good communication, empathy, originality, creativity and knowledgeable about your market.

Social media are our best marketing ally, so the best recommendation is to never abandon virtual platforms where you can promote your business.

One among the many companies that work with the management of social media we can mention Social Insight, which has specialists trained in the area of digital marketing, in order to help those entrepreneurs with the desire to boost their business through the virtual market, providing all the possible help so that the relationship with the users and the popularity of your company goes to the clouds.

Today, more than ever, and especially if you don’t know how to start or handle social media to boost your business, outsourcing marketing is a great option to get the guidance that is required to boost your business, sodon’t be discouraged.

As a recommendation, it is suggested to carry out a test for at least three months with the outsourcing of a specialized team capable of managing your social networks before giving up, to determine first-hand if it benefits your business.

The most important thing about outsourcing social marketing is not only to improve your company for your own benefit, but also to create a community that supports you and helps you to grow every single day.

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