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The 21st century is, without doubt, the century of technology and opportunities alike. The rise of online stores is a phenomenon that has been expanding and in different departments, such as clothing, food, cellphones and so on. Even the largest and best-known brands are using social media as a means of publicity and interaction with the public and customers worldwide.   

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The new Instagram business platform is currently one of the most used for marketing, and it makes sense since, Facebook, for example, is more about reconnecting people, while Instagram is solely focused on the visuals: pictures and imagery. The best way of promoting merchandise is exactly that, visuals. Most of the population buys with their eyes: if something seems attractive enough and meets their needs, they will buy it. This new strategy is best known as Instagram marketing. How can you make the most of Instagram advertising for business? This publication covers everything from starting and creating a content strategy to developing your brand and driving results.


You have to create your Instagram business profile

It would be best if your Instagram username matches the username of your other profiles in different social networks, since it would be a lot easier to search. The additional information on your public profile is the website (a URL that can be changed) and the biography. Your biography should explain what is your company about and what people can expect from it.

Your profile picture

Make your logo your Instagram profile. Your profile photos must coincide with the other social media profiles in order to be recognized since the people who follow you on other social media will immediately recognize your brand. You can add the direction of your business, contact information (email, phone numbers) and the schedules.


Instagram Profile


Follow other people

To uplift the presence of your company on Instagram, it is necessary to follow many users. You can make a lot of Instagram followers with this simple step. You can search for influencers (or other relevant people) in your industry and clients for your brand and follow them. Also, it is important to make sure who are you exactly addressing to, as the demographic sectors of Instagram vary extensively. Search hashtags of the sector you are in, comment pictures and follow people to make your presence in your marketing area.

Promote your Instagram account for companies.

Adding your Instagram business user to your web and other social profiles can do wonders for promoting your account. The app’s promotion system is quite simple. When you promote content on Instagram, the ad appears in the feed and stories of people. 

First, navigate to your profile and select the post you want to promote. Then tap the Promote button on the post page. You can also go to your Instagram Insights, scroll to the Promotions data, and tap the Create Promotion link. Instagram has the advantage of letting you choose many objectives for your promotions. You can direct your target audience to view your profile, visit your website, get directions to a specific address, or call the phone number listed on your business account.


Instagram Promotion
Promote Your Instagram Posts


 This is how the promotion looks like in the feed and in the stories:  


Instagram Marketing Promotion Example
Instagram Promotion Example


Manage your presence on Instagram along with your other social profiles

An easy way to manage your social media is through Hootsuite, a social media management platform, as it greatly facilitates the increase of your presence on every social media. You can monitor comments, the interaction with your audience and even schedule photos that are directly published on Instagram.


Set goals on Instagram for business

Your IG endeavors are to be based on strategic goals. What do you expect your company to achieve through Instagram? The goals you establish should relate to the ones in your area of marketing/industry. Increasing product sales, attracting talents, generate website traffic and so on. If you want to construct a substantial community for your company, there should be a strategic marketing plan on Instagram for business. There are some points to keep in mind:

– Not all business target the same schedules when publishing pictures, hence the need for testing the publications in different hours of the day. Track the results to see which schedule is the best one for your business.

– Vary the content to keep things interesting for your customers and thus prevent them from getting bored.

– Style guidelines. The hashtags, emojis and grammar rules your brand uses can do a lot to differentiate it from the others. Set a style and stick into it.

– Never neglect your audience. Focus on their interests, tastes and preferences. Don’t just imitate the strategies of your competitors. Pay attention to your customers and make sure to meet their expectations.


Choose a specific theme

You need to create a visual consistency, which doesn’t mean sharing the same content over and over. It is more about creating a visual style that your followers can recognize while you vary your content. Some use a specific filter, others use frames, effects and other editing tools. Be creative. The content must be creative. It’s not just about taking photos and adding filters. Editing work is necessary. Share animations and interactive content. Also, Instagram is all about visually appealing content, but do not neglect the captions that accompany each photo, these represent a great opportunity for your company to tell a story.


Insta Profile Theme


Use the Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are a very good way for users to discover your content, because they can get very specific content quickly and easily. Looking for specific accounts with said content without the hashtags can be quite difficult and with not very good results. There’s a popular technique known as “branding hashtags”. It doesn’t consist on using the name of your company as a hashtag but creating one that distinguishes your brand and motivates followers to share photos that suit your company.

This is the basic and key information to be able to start a business account in Instagram. Social media has proven to be a very useful way to promote and grow your business, so it should be taken serious and worked with great care.



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