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YouTube is a field with many positioning opportunities. It is the second most used search engine worldwide after Google, so it is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from your competition and receive many free visits to your content. In addition, you can take advantage of the relationship of “brotherhood” between Google and YouTube to appear with a good positioning (and without much work) in the Google results pages. You should also take in consideration that it’s easier to position multiple keywords directly on YouTube than on Google.

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Starting a channel is a good medium-to-long-term strategy: not everyone has the time or the disposition to face a camera, which translates into fewer content producers and, therefore, less competition. You can check it yourself by looking for the same themes and content on both Google and YouTube. The best strategy would be to take advantage of this and at this moment, so that the competitors that arrive later are the ones that have to look for micro-niche markets. Also, new generations are more active with visual consumption, so sooner or later YouTube marketing will be as necessary as other social networks.  

We now know some of the advantages of having a YouTube channel, but it is also important to emphasize that you need to understand how to produce interesting videos to convey messages to your audience, and how to then position them in order to give them maximum exposure.

There are types of short and medium-long term strategies for YouTube marketing. What do we look for in the short-term? Quite simple: Generating sales is the first and last objective of all business on the Internet, so we will need to bring a lot of traffic to the web as a second goal in the short term. The last goal would be for “branding” your market.

How does the medium-term strategy work with YouTube? With ads that generate interest and take the viewers to the YouTube channel or to redirect them to the web. You can make announcements in video or impressions from Facebook, YouTube or AdWords. If the ad is relevant enough for the user, they will click on a CTA (Call To Action, button or link located on our site that seeks to attract potential customers and convert them into final customers, usually through a form on a landing page or landing page) and you can redirect it to your YouTube channel to increase the visibility of your videos.

Youtube Marketing


What do we look for in the long term in the YouTube marketing strategy? We must seek to be the leader and dominate our niche and get channel subscribers to help us position our publications. How to generate contacts, leads and conversions through marketing on YouTube and Social Media?

Start by creating a well-optimized channel home page

  • The channel header image should be as clean as possible so as not to mislead what we really want to achieve (for the viewers to visualize the content).
  • In the beginning, there has to be a short highlighted video to get the full visualization. This adds points to position the YouTube channel.
  • In the side description next to this presentation video, we will place native keywords and links as CTAs, in the first lines if possible.
  • Buy visualizations: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram campaigns to generate likes and comments.

Youtube Marketing Channel

Create presentation videos or shorts that belong to a playlist

Youtube Business Playlist

Optimize titles, descriptions and labels.

• Discover a sub-niche or a derivative, find the hole.

• Make an analysis of educational type keywords, “how to do”, …

• Place a CTA inside the video, at the beginning and at the end of it.

• Analyze what kind of videos the competition makes for the chosen keyword.

• Insert annotations with CTAs so that they can be seen at the moments that you prefer. You can also include CTAs in the descriptions.

Advertise your content on YouTube by targeting interests and keywords. Think that the professional videos are worked by experts, look for a freelance for the final edition or to add quality details.

With all that said, an important question arises: how to optimize the videos?

There are some key points that can help to do it correctly: use good content, with proper labelling and promotions that support it. Make it useful for the viewers: educative videos such as tutorials are good to captivate attention. The title is key; as the words you choose can help you position yourself in good places in search results. Try to use two or three keywords for the title. Categorize the video strategically and label it with keywords (as many as possible). Do not underestimate the description. The first words will be in the visible part, without the need for the viewer to click to continue reading the rest of the information, so the first info should be the CTAs. Use annotations linked to other videos and use Ads overlay (advertising on top of the video.). All of this is paramount to have a quality YouTube channel.

Another important factor is the thumbnail. When you upload a video, you can choose a freeze-frame as the thumbnail, but making your own one is more recommendable, as it can make your content stand out much more. Think of it as your presentation card for the video.

Channel Labeling

After uploading videos in your business channel, you have access to a very useful tool named analytics tab. Use to learn about your audience: watch time, demographics, revenues, age and gender of your viewers, among others. You can start creating more content based on all those factors and reach your ideal audience. As in any other social media, research your competition and your favorite channels too. You can learn a lot from them.

Youtube Analytics

And last but not least, take good care of how you end the videos. It is capital to finalize your video with: visit my blog, comment on this video, share on Twitter and so on. People do nothing if you do not ask them. We all have little time today. If you have something to ask for, ask for it and better if what you ask for can be completed in less than 10 seconds. 10 seconds of attention are worth a lot for a user in a hurry.


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